Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This, that, and the other

One afternoon I decided to find the Gorge de l'Areuse.  I found it but was only able to walk about a half an hour into it since my free time in the afternoon is limited.  It took me 25 minutes to get to Boudry, another 30-35 minutes to finally get up into the gorge area and then I had to turn around and come back for scullery duty!
 So worth every short little minute.

OK, I was a bit creeped out walking through the tunnel by myself but, alas, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel gave me hope and an exit.  That was about it for the Gorge.  If one were to walk the trail through the gorge it would take 7.5 hours.
Into Neuchatel last Sunday after morning matins and Eucharist.  Outside of the Museum of Art and History were three sculptures like this looking up at the museum.

The museum itself if beautiful, up the large marble stairway to the second floor exhibits were three large frescoes.  The stories they told were a bit gruesome and strange.  
I thought Swiss people were peaceful people.
 The main exhibit was Jaquet-Droz 'Automatons'.  Some of the exhibits were absolutely gorgeous.  Did you see the movie Hugo.  That was all about automatons.

 This little guy had mechanisms that allowed him to make four different drawings.

 They also had automatons from the 21st century.  Not as beautiful (in my opinion) as the older ones but still curious to behold.
 Back to the Collegial Church, the organist was rehearsing.  Beautiful sounds from this pipe organ.
 Across from the Collegial Church is the Chateau de Neuchatel, all in the Old City.  It has quite some history dating from the medieval times but now is the seat of government for the Canton of Neuchatel.
 The courtyard.  The guide said that they wanted the yellow part of the shutters to be beige but the painter got it wrong.
Now, in between the two chimney's, in the distance is Mount Blanc.  That's what the guide said.  How about the chimney on the left?  Almost all the chimney tops are mini chalets.


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