Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Around Grandchamp

 Right now there are a lot of Hollyhocks in bloom as well as lots of other flowers around.  In every nook and cranny there are small bouquets to brighten a corner.

 The brown building to the right is L'Arche, the chapel.

This is looking out the back of the chapel onto a corn field and apple trees.  Grandchamp has a lot of apple trees on its property.
Inside the chapel is very plain, barn-like with dark wood except for the stained glass windows that let in the light.

This is the view of Grandchamp when you first walk down the road.
 I have no clue what these flowers are above and below but they are really unusual.  Does anyone know?

This was a sunset photo.  That's all for now.  Next up in a day or two Neuchatel.

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