Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 As I got off of the tram I looked up at this view of Neuchatel.  Behind me is Neuchatel Lake.
 View down one of the streets.  I began my visit around 10 am on a Sunday morning so the streets were quiet and nothing was open.
 Fontaine de Bannert
"The Fountain was at first a small fountain for livestock and is the oldest fountain situated outside the former town wall.  It was then enlarged and in 1581 Laurent Perroud embellished it as it now stands."  Restored much later than that.
 After walking up the Chateau steps this was the view from the top.
 Again from the top, I can't get enough of the Swiss flag.
 Because I arrived so early I heard church bells, lots of them.  So I followed the sound to the Collegial Church of Neuchatel.  I was just in time for the service, which I stayed for but it was all in French as is everything here and Grandchamp.  Above is part of the Monument of the counts in the Church.  For some reason I forgot to download other photos of the monument, will do it in another post.

 Rose Window designed by Theodore Delachaux in 1936 - relatively new!
 Well now this is an interesting statue.  It is of Guillaume Farel who was the reformer extraordinaire in 1530 in Neuchatel.  They are VERY proud of the reformers here.  What you can't see on the back side of the statue is that he is standing on the head of another man....the Pope??  Not sure but he is holding up the Bible in victory.
 View of lake and the house I bought for us all.

 Just so that you know I'm really here.  On the horizon you see the lake and then some low mountains and when it is clear, which happens at random times throughout the day you can see the Alps.

 Walking back down the Castle (Chateau) steps.  Let me tell you that there were about three flights of these stairs and I was quite winded by the time I got to the top.

Place des Halles
"The Market Square opens out of Rue de Tresor, a charming square framed by the 18th century house fronts."

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